Unsigned Artist: Alicia Grimes

Production 5
Lyrics 8
Musicianship 7

We’re split on the merits of this artist. While some of us find her brief (sub 2-minute), starkly arranged recordings to be without merit; others find her work to be intriguing and, at times, haunting, a curious (if primitive) hybrid of alt-rock and hip-hop essences that seem to be on to something fresh. At 1:51, the acoustic guitar-laced “Lost & Gone” has chord changes and a vocal lean that reminds us of alt-rocker Courtney Barnett as it follows a nice, mournful groove. “Say I Do” is equally stark and acoustic, including piano and a hauntingly out of tune mandolin note or two, but with vocal FX a la T Pain. “Love You” has chord changes a bit too similar to the previous songs and shows this artist still has work to do to expand on her talents.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/aliciagrimes
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV, Endorsements
Style: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alt-Rap