Cords For Music Benefits Music Education in Public Schools

Cords For Music (CFM) offers a variety of music-themed finery through which buyers can make a heartfelt statement and make a difference. The company's selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces embody music's power to affect cultural change through Cords For Music being a fashion brand focusing on music education as its social component. The designs are themed around a tool of rock n' roll, the guitar pick. The collection is made in America of high-quality raw materials such as silver, leather and a vibrant assortment of cotton colors.

Each piece sends a message: “Music has the power to shape our future.” With this in mind, Cord For Music aims to empower children through supporting music education. CFM is a social enterprise that gives a portion of each sale to charities that help fund music education initiatives in public schools and underserved communities.

CFM's first major partnership is with Education Through Music (ETM), a New York based non-profit with an affiliate in Los Angeles. Education Through Music partners with inner-city schools to provide all students with music as a core subject, and to create school communities that value the arts. ETM's mission is to promote the use of music in schools as a means of enhancing students' academic performance and general development. The ETM model currently serves 25,000 students in almost 50 inner-city schools in New York City, and their model reaches another 10,000 children through the work of their licensed affiliate organization in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit cordsformusic.com.