DIY artist The Swamp Drivers

DIY Spotlight: The Swamp Drivers

The Swamp Drivers are extreme DIY artists and one of the most unusual groups in the world. They may be older dudes who play bluesy hard rock, but that doesn’t stop them from blowing minds. The fact is these guys are so DIY, they build their own instruments.

So far, they’ve invented 15 different instruments including: The One-Stringed Hoe (of course it’s a G-string), The Plunger, The Pitchfork Guitar, The Shoveltar, The Trash Can Drum Set, The Frying Pan Guitar and The Bedpan Bass.

YouTube videos of their unusual instruments are viral sensations, garnering millions of views (3.6 million to date).

Their social media is climbing as well, with an organic reach of over 12 million. Indeed, about 100 comments per minute occur on Facebook whenever a new instrument is unveiled.

At the band’s shows, people stop in their tracks and pull out their phones to record the amazing array of funny looking instruments. Then, when the band starts to play, jaws drop and the party ensues.

Guitar Player magazine published an article on them in the B.B. King issue.

The Swamp Drivers are constantly getting offers to play venues, clubs, river boats, motorcycle rallies, festivals and more. They have already played New York’s Blues Festival (2,000 people), Saranac Concert (1,700 people) and Herkimer County Fair (500 people).

The band was inducted into the “New York State Blues Hall of Fame” a couple years ago.

To find out more about this unusual act, visit theswampdrivers.com.