Mark Winkler

Album Review: Mark Winkler - The Company I Keep (9/10)

The ageless jazz hipster, songwriter extraordinaire and sly interpreter heals from the loss of the love of his life in a most exhilarating musical fashion. Duetting with vocalist pals Jackie Ryan, Cheryl Bentyne, Steve Tyrell, Claire Martin and Sara Gazarek, Winkler weaves a spirited narrative of reflection and celebration via a thoughtful mix of vibrant, swinging jazz and soulful ballads. The singer’s re-imaginings of lesser known tunes by Donald Fagen and Prince are highlights, but as always, his deeper heart and artistry shine through on originals like “The Sum” (co-penned with Bill Cantos) and the Woody Allen inspired “Midnight in Paris.”

Released by: Café Pacific

Producer: Barbara Brighton