Twin XL

Twin XL at Sayer's Club in Hollywood, CA

Material: As each of the players has been making their name as writers and performers in various aspects for quite some time, it is no surprise that Twin XL is popping out hits. The vocal lines are inspired and infectious, the guitar and bass create a groove so instantaneously undeniable that it’s almost frightening. New single “Sunglasses” could make even the stodgiest of listeners tap a toe. The songs are good, crafted carefully and excellently, but perhaps lacking some emotional depth. Not every act needs a tear-jerker, certainly, but a set full of jams in similar BPMs and vibes could definitely leave the littlest bit to be desired. The band might take on the challenge of writing a ballad that still gets people to want to dance. It could provide a new flavor in their increasingly delightful catalog.

Musicianship: There was never any doubt about the quality Cameron, Stephen and John were going to bring to the table. Stephen and John are top-notch players, practicing and perfecting their craft for many years before Twin XL came to the surface. Cameron has a recognizable voice in a similar strain to acts like Flor and Coin, heavyweights in the indie pop field, and his guitar work was shiny and spotless like his cohorts surrounding him. Each member of the band plays excellently, and provides a polished finish that alternative pop acts need to compete in today’s marketplace.

Performance: After coming from pop success in a different band, the Gomez brothers provide a bright and refreshing picture of musicianship and professionality on stage. A viewer can easily tell that the band loves the music they’re playing, and the natural chemistry between the performers is a thing to behold. They were almost too big, and too good, for the room. The act clearly rehearses, as their performance was nearly devoid of mistakes. Cameron is a charming frontman, but certain moments on stage signaled what could have been nerves or lack of conviction. This will iron out with time no doubt, as the band is fairly new to the live show scene.

Summary: Twin XL delivers some killer songs from some top-notch writers and players. Time spent on these artists is a tasty investment in a band that deserves a fast-track to success. Their minor flaws will wash away with time. They are genuinely that close to getting it right. Especially exciting for a fresh act in the industry, Twin XL is poised and ready for pop stardom--and they’re well on their way to it.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/pg/wearetwinxl
Players: Cameron Walker-Wright, vocals, guitar; Stephen Gomez, bass; John Gomez, guitar