Signing Story: Moonfall

Living together as bandmates doesn’t always lead to demise and destruction, especially for the pop/rock trio Moonfall, a NYC-based band that just signed to Outerloop Records in October.

“We're always there for [and helping] each other, especially when our minds get clouded,” explains singer and guitarist Matthew Howl. “It's very important to rely on each other—I feel like a lot of bands don't really have that.”

Fortifying such a strong bond (both in and out of the studio) has helped Moonfall build a very down-to-earth relationship with Outerloop based on mutual trust and compassion.

“You just have to be realistic in what you expect. Even if they're really nice guys, you're in charge of keeping the music true to itself. They can't do that for you,” says Howl. “You have to negotiate so that you have the conditions to actually create that [environment].”

The band’s youthful energy contributes to this air of self-contained confidence and determination. Moonfall functions as a tripod—dependent upon on one another for support and creative development—but these three best friends are eagerly willing to embrace change in order to learn what really inspires and resonates with fans. According to Howl, it’s crucial to understand and ultimately accept what you’re getting yourself into while keeping an open (but still genuine) mind.

“We didn't learn anything that we didn't expect of the industry,” he says. “It's there and it's doing its thing. As long as you stay true to who you are, no matter what you deal with, you're going to be okay. Perseverance is the most important thing.”

Moving forward, Moonfall hopes to convey this same message through uniquely dynamic onstage performances.

“We've always had this idea of putting on a show,” Howl claims. “We get bored, so we like trying new things on stage and trying to reach people in new ways. We're all pretty weird, and we're just embracing our weirdness.”

Moonfall’s latest EP, entitled Empty Cage, which includes the popular singles “Lost” and “Colorless,” has been released through Outerloop Records.

Date Signed: October 2017
Label: Outerloop Records
Band Members: Matthew Howl, vocals/guitar; Mei Moor, bass; Andrew Chow, drums.
Type of Music: Pop/Rock
Booking: Jenny McPhee, Artery Global
Publicity: Jenny Hossain; [email protected]
Management: Jordan Washam - Outerloop Records; [email protected]
Web: moonfallofficial.com
A&R: Outerloop Records