Album Review: Mantus - Est. 1976 (9/10)

Originally from NYC, this band gained notoriety in the mid to late ‘70s, with a string of charting disco hits. But they were always rockers at heart and, over 40 years later, this record proves it. Their sound is timeless and sophisticated, with a heavy rhythmic drive by original percussionist Billy Amendola. All nine tracks shine with imaginative and thoughtful production and provide an array of truly memorable and exciting moments. Highlights include the Santana meets Spirit vibe of “Pennies From Heaven,” the British power popper “Beautiful Thing” and The Pretenders-like “I Know You Don’t.” Superb harmonies and arrangements, brilliant hooks and strong musicianship make this essential listening!

Rating: 9/10

Label: 825 Records
Producer: Matty Amendola