The Morlocks

Bring On The Mesmeric Condition by The Morlocks (8/10)

The Morlocks have been in and out of circulation for several decades, and have now come roaring back with their patented grimy version of ‘60s garage rock. There is a definite hard-rock edge to their songwriting here. One can also hear traces of classic rockers such as The Seeds and The Flamin’ Groovies in their savage fangs-out attack. Vocalist-founder Leigh- ton Koizumi keeps things interesting by varying his approach on different songs––one snarling, one a snotty drawl, the next an exaggerated baritone. The guitar work here is also uniformly excellent. Bonus nugget––the last song is a 13th Floor Elevators cover!


Rating: 8/10

Hound Gawd Records
Producer: The Morlocks and Alaska Winter