Album Review: "Doompop" by Zilched (8/10)

Distributed by: Young Heavy Souls

Producers: Chloe Drallos, Ben Collins

Zilched is a Detroit rock & roll ensemble led by songwriter and guitarist Chloe Drallos, and it’s an immediately likeable project resulting from the sum of its influences, which is to say, a solid late ‘80s/early ‘90s alternative sound. The songs, tones, and rhythms are solid and driving, and Drallos’ deadpan vocals at times bring to mind a Kim Gordon or Courtney Love fronting a Smashing Pumpkins, Jesus And Mary Chain or even Wire. This is a good thing. In other words, Zilched is not out to reinvent the wheel, but they sure know how to construct some damn good music. Seek this out, kids! – David Arnson