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4 Steps for Writing a Music Press Release

Getting the word out about important events is crucial to making it as a band. But this is not a task to be approached lightly. If you don’t do it right, your press release is going to be deleted and you’ll be out of luck. Follow these four steps to write a good music press release.

When should you write a press release?

It’s important to know when it’s worth putting out a press release. Bands commonly issue press releases when they have a new album, are beginning a new tour, have an upcoming concert, or have been signed to a new label. Just be sure it’s an important event. If you’re constantly spamming the local media with press releases, it won’t take long for them to start ignoring you. Use them sparingly. Before submitting anything, look into the media outlets you’re considering to see what sort of material they publish and how often they publish press releases for musicians. Try and model your own press release based on ones that have been put out previously.

What should you include?

Make sure you include all the important information in your press release. Where is your band from? Most local publications will only be interested if you’re from the area. “Describe your sound and the genre of music you play. A lot of musicians don’t like to put themselves in a category, but for the purpose of the press release, try and describe your band’s music as best you can,” advises Irene Mangold, PR writer at Australian Help. You don’t need to include a full bio, but it’s a good idea to provide links to your band’s website and social media accounts. Make it easy for the media to find out more information about you, and they will be much more likely to publish. If you can, include some quotes from previous articles or reviews of your band. Don’t forget a good hi-res photo of your group. Doing this increases your chances of being put in the headline since lots of bands don’t bother.

Writing the press release

Start off your press release with a header right at the top. The header consists of your band’s name and the name of the album or tour you are promoting. You want the header to draw attention, so write it in a larger font, and in bold or italics if you like. This is also a good spot for a quote from a review of your band, as well as links to your website and social media. In your first paragraph, you should describe your new album. Get the reader’s attention with a strong first sentence. You’ll also want to get your big selling points out in this paragraph, including well-known guest stars and producers associated with it. In the next paragraph, you can give some information about your band and it’s music (remembering this is not a full bio.) Talk about what has influenced you and your sound. In the third paragraph, you’ll want to give the reader some good reasons for why they should publish your press release. these can include things like positive reviews you have coming out and selling out venues. When you close, include your important contact info, even if you have it at the top already.

Online tools can help you write a good press release

A press release is all about good communication, and that requires effective writing abilities. There are many options available if you feel you would like to improve your writing skills. Here are some useful tools to try:

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#2. Essayroo / Academized: These are editing tools, suggested by Revieweal, that will help you produce a press release that is polished and error-free. Nobody likes editing, so why not have an expert take care of it?

#3. ViaWriting / StudyDemic: Give these grammar resources a try and see how much your writing improves. Grammar can be tricky, and it’s so easy to miss an error or two and look unprofessional.

#4. BoomEssays / UKWritings: These are online proofreading tools you can access to make sure your copy is perfect. One of them has been recommended by Ukwritings review and is the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything.

#5. MyWritingWay / LetsGoandLearn: Read over these writing blogs and improve your knowledge by seeing what has worked for other writers.


Writing a good press release is the first step in garnering some attention for your new album or tour. Press releases are a critical part of your band’s marketing, but you have to know how to write them properly. Follow these steps to write a good music press release.

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