The Art Laboe Connection at Glen Helen Amphitheater

What a spectacular night at Glen Helens amphitheater in the city of San Bernardino. It was without a doubt a celebration to remember.  People from all walks of life gathered to enjoy life and the sounds of music. As the sun began to set, nothing but great anticipation and hype was felt throughout the entire arena. On Saturday May 11th 2024, attendees traveled locally and nationally to unwind and relax for Mother’s Day weekend.

Headline performances came from Zapp, Rose Royce, GQ, Amanda Perez, A Lighter Shade of Brown many more. Due to the large amount of memorable moments throughout the day, it was hard to choose which performances stood out the most. Female singer Paula Deanda with her soulful voice sang hit songs like ‘Walk away’, ‘Why would I ever’ and ‘When it was me’. Artist Amanda Perez, had all the girls screaming to her hit song ‘Angel’.  The Moments took it way back to the good old days with ‘Love on a two way streak’, which set the tone for the night as the cool breeze hit the restless crowd.  Riverside very own A Lighter Shade of Brown with 90s hits such as  ‘On a Sunday Afternoon’, GQ took it back oldschool with his popular song ‘Sitting in the park’. Every artist who performed that day had such a stage presence that radiated the whole concert arena. Zapp who ran up with so much hype and enthusiasm you could hear the roar in everyone’s voice. Performing hits such as ‘Computer Love’ and ‘Mo’ Bounce to the Ounce’, as far as the crowds reaction they left an everlasting impression that night. Peaches and Herb had such a carefree attitude, they had the everyone hold their cells phones up to light up the arena and wave from side to side. Peaches and Herb also congratulated a couple in the crowd who just got engaged.  Rose Royce gave the crowd what they were looking for with songs such as ‘Wishing on a Star’ and ‘I wanna get next to you’ to leave the audience in a feel good mood.

Host for the night, Romeo from 93.5 KDAY and also Old School Becky Lou, who took over for the Art Laboe show after his passing. Both of their stage presence combined was so dynamic, many people took out their cell phones capturing every moment. This concert was definitely one for the books, it was a fun and peaceful night, and most certainly a concert that will be talked about for years to come. And even though Art isn’t with us any longer, his stage presence will always be felt at every Art Laboe show.