The Eagles

The Eagles at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii

What band is the biggest selling American band and has both the number one and third biggest-selling album in U.S. history? This would be none other than the Eagles. Since the Eagles last played Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI in 1995, the band has been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Vocal Group Hall of Fame, won two Grammys and most recently received the Kennedy Center Honor.

Since the Eagles formed in 1971, there have been few personnel changes and between 1994 and 2001, the band consisted of its classic five-member lineup. With the departure of guitarist Don Felder in 2001, the band continued as a four-member lineup with founding members Glenn Frey (vocals/guitar) and Don Henley (vocals/drums/guitar), Joe Walsh (guitar/vocals) and Timothy B. Schmit (Bass Vocals) with their touring band. With the passing of Frey in 2015, the band’s future was uncertain. A year later the band along with Jackson Browne and former member Bernie Leadon performed “Take It Easy,” to honor Frey and were presented their Grammys for Record Of The Year for “Hotel California,” which they had won almost 40 years prior. At the time it seemed unlikely that there would be another tour with the last one being their History tour. Last year it was announced that the Eagles would take part in Classic West and Classic East with two added members. With Frey being a founding a member and one of the primary songwriters, it took two people to take over which also brought the band back to a five-member lineup, one being his son Deacon Frey who not only looks just like his father but sounds just like him as well as Country legend and 16x Grammy Winner Vince Gill to help out on Frey’s vocals and guitar parts.

The Eagles returned to Aloha Stadium for the first time in 23 years on Dec. 8. Opening the show was Hawaii native Jack Johnson. Johnson was a great choice to open the show and he said the only times he performs at the stadium is for games of the high school he went to of which he wore a shirt off. Johnson’s set included “Upside Down, “Shot Reverse Shot,” “Better Together,” and a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker.

The Eagles opened their show with their usual opener “Seven Bridges Road,” which was actually by Steve Young and recorded a decade before the Eagles covered it. One thing you can expect at an Eagles show is knowing every song. The Eagles played hit after hit with “Take It Easy” (Vocals: Frey), “One Of These Nights,” “Take It To The Limit,” and “Tequila Sunrise.” (Both sung by Gill). This 25 song setlist also included a few songs from Henley and Walsh’s solo career which is traditional for each show, and with Vince Gill they performed his song “Don’t Let Your Love Start Slippin’ Away.” Following “Already Gone,” (Vocals: Frey), Walsh took the spotlight for “Walk Away,” (James Gang) and “Life’s Been Good.” Then it was Henley’s turn to play a solo hit with “Boys Of Summer,” followed by “Heartache Tonight,” sung by Gill and then the band played another Walsh hit from James Gang “Funk #49.”

The Eagles came back for an encore of “Hotel California,” then a second encore of three songs; Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” with its iconic talk box solo, “Desperado,” which is always the bands closing song featuring Henley on the mic, but being the holiday season the band concluded with a cover of Charles Brown’s “Please Come Home for Christmas,” which the band recorded in 1978.

The Eagles 2018 North American tour started in Indiana on March 12th and Hawaii on Dec. 7. This was their last North American show as the 2019 tour will cover New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the UK.


Seven Bridges Road- Steve Young Cover

Take It Easy- Vocals Frey

One of These Nights

Take It to the Limit- Vocals Gill

Tequila Sunrise- Vocals Gill

Witchy Woman

In The City- Walsh

I Can’t Tell You Why

New Kid In Town- Vocals Gill

Peaceful Easy Feeling- Vocals Frey

Lyin’ Eyes- Vocals Gill

Love Will Keep Us Alive

Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away- Gill Cover

Those Shoes

Already Gone- Vocals Frey

Walk Away- James Gang

Life’s Been Good- Walsh

The Boys of Summer- Henley

Heartache Tonight- Vocals Gill

Funk #49

Life in the Fast Lane


Hotel California

Encore 2

Rocky Mountain Way- Walsh


Please Come Home for Christmas- Charles Brown Cover