Livestream: Sunny Bleau & The Moons, Detroit, MI

Material: Much of the material performed here is a series of singles and tracks from their recent album release Breakfast Served Cold. Many of the band’s songs reflect the trials and tribulations of love and relationships from a female perspective. “Let it Slide” is a groovy mid-tempo number, with some jazzy guitar flourishes. “He’s My Peach” leans on the soulful Memphis-tinged side of romance, while “Winning” is dedicated to “all the girls who ever had a broken heart.” The vintage R&B classic “Merry Christmas Baby” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” blended nicely with their original fare.

Musicianship: Ms. Bleau has an unabashed vocal style that is clean and distinct, with just a hint of rasp. She really envelopes a lyric and gets inside it. Her dynamic voice is highlighted by Cocco’s Steve Cropper meets Robert Cray guitar accompaniment. His instrumental approach is less about flash and more about laying the proper chord or lick in the right place. Karasinski’s mix of walking lines and counterpoint offers support and a continuous groove. Kastick completes the ensemble, with a steady pocket, a great touch and tasteful fills.

Performance: Their tight five-song showcase revealed a band that’s not afraid to ease their audience into the set. The smooth textures and pensive thoughts of “Let it Slide” wraps the listener in a warm embrace. They keep that mid-tempo momentum going on “Fire.” Ms. Bleau interacted well with her fellow band mates as well as acknowledged those in the chat room. “He’s My Peach” had a real Muscle Shoals/Stax feel. It offered some ripping guitar in the mid-section, in addition to a surprising key modulation towards the finale. “Winning” displayed an effective use of dynamics that concisely drove home Ms. Bleau’s message of personal survival. The aforementioned “Merry Christmas Baby” topped off this special Holiday broadcast on a rousing and bawdy note.

Summary: Sunny Bleau and The Moons is a seasoned blues rock outfit that has great visual presence and strong original material. They can compete with anyone on the national or international stage and hold their own. Additional kudos are extended to the audio and video staff at Detroit area-based 148 South Street Studios. They truly put the band in a great light.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: sunnybleau.com

Players: Sunny Bleau, lead vocals; Nicholas Cocco, guitar and vocals; Alex Karasinski, bass and vocals; Paul Kastick, drums