TASCAM's Sonicview consoles

TASCAM is getting the word out today about its Sonicview consoles. Ideal for FOH, HOW, recording studios, or broadcasting, TASCAM Sonicview Digital Recording and Mixing Consoles provide state-of-the-art technology for intuitive control and exceptional functionality. Available in the US market as the Sonicview 24XP and Sonicview 16XP, these consoles offer a 64-In/64-Out Dante interface, a 32-bit/96 kHz multi-channel USB audio interface, integrated 32-track multi-track SD recording, Class 1 Premium mic preamplifiers, and a wealth of I/O. With a 96 kHz, 54-bit float FPGA mixing engine, continuous high-definition 96 kHz sampling, and 32-bit analog-to-digital converters, the result is no-compromise audio quality.
TASCAM’s new multi-screen interface called VIEW (Visual Interactive Ergonomic Workflow) supports three different views: Channel Strip View, Module View for monitoring and control of any two (Sonicview 16XP) or three (Sonicview 24XP) 7-inch touch panels, and Individual View, which facilitates viewing any function for any channel, group of channels, and more—all on different screens, simultaneously.
TASCAM Sonicview: Creativity Re-defined