Tascam Model 12 Integrated Production Suite

The Tascam Model 12 is a multi-track recording mixer with 10-input channels and 60-mm faders and has 16 Tascam programmable effects—reverbs, delays, chorus etc. Each channel has a one-knob compressor, three-band EQ, and high pass filter. The Model 12 has a built-in 12-track audio recorder, full USB audio interface, MIDI connectivity, dedicated metronome click output, and a basic DAW controller layer. It is perfect for desktop audio, multimedia production, as a small format live console, or for podcasting.

The 10 inputs can be used for just about any source from microphones and direct instruments to synths and drum machines. Channels 1-6 feature combo XLR inputs using Tascam’s Ultra-HDDA microphone preamplifiers with phantom power. Stereo channels 7/8 and 9/10 cover any possible stereo sources such as laptops and phones with connections via XLRs, 1/4-inch jacks, 1/8-inch TRRS, or via Bluetooth 5.0 pairing.

The 12-track recorder allows simultaneous recording/playback of WAV files (up to 48kHz/24-bit) directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. There is DAW control for faders, mutes, pan pots, solos, record arming, transport control, and jog functionality via HUI/MCU protocol emulation. You may also use the USB audio interface to record and playback up to 12-channels using any DAW.

Outputs include stereo XLRs and 1/4-inch balanced stereo outputs, two auxiliary outs, two individual 1/4-inch headphones jacks, MIDI IN/OUT jacks with MIDI sync and MTC, and dual footswitch jacks.

The Tascam Model 12 Integrated Production Suite sells for $599 MSRP and is great little system ready for any gig.