Signing Story: Hey. King!

Date Signed: Jan. 1, 2020

Label: ANTI- Records

Band Members: Natalie London, vocals, guitar; Taylor Plecity, vocals,

Type of Music: Indie Rock

Management: Elizabeth Freund - Beautiful Day Media, elizabeth@
beautifuldaymedia.com; Patrice Fehlen, [email protected]

Booking: N/A

Legal: N/A

Publicity: Kelly Kettering, [email protected]

Web: heykingofficial.com

A&R: Andy Kaulkin

Indie rockers/couple Natalie London and Taylor Plecity met Ben Harper through mutual friends. After attending a few shows, he asked if they’d like him to produce a few songs. What began as a casual session resulted in their supporting Harper for three legs of his international tour.

Harper started mentioning the gals to his label, ANTI- Records. Founder Andy Kaulkin witnessed their performance at Hotel Café in Hollywood and introduced himself afterward. The next day, London discussed everything under the sun with him via phone. “We’re very much kindred spirits,” she reflects.

Thinking cautiously, London rang her friend, Michelle Branch, to solicit advice regarding their decision. In the process, Branch introduced her to attorney Elizabeth Gregory, whose other clients include The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant. Hiring her made the process seamless.

London didn’t stop there when it came to seeking advice; she also hit up Ben Lee via Facebook. The two eventually did breakfast together. “One of the things he told me is that vulnerability is your superpower,” she recalls. “And just know that the people who are supposed to hear your music will, eventually. As long as you stay with that vulnerability, you’re going to reach who it is that’s supposed to hear it.”

Sums up London, “The best thing we did was never change what we wanted to do. When you start changing your music to fit into whatever is going on, you lose what you could be.”