Swing House Studios

Stage 2 and Live Tracking Stage

20-Year History in Hollywood: In 1994, frustrated with the poor accommodations at many of Los Angeles’ rehearsal facilities, Phil Jaurigui—a guitarist who had moved from San Francisco a few years earlier—borrowed on his credit cards and launched Swing House with one rehearsal room and a recording booth where the vibe was fun, the ambience was colorful and there was air conditioning. Future superstars like Sugar Ray, the Wallflowers, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers camped at his original 1,500-sq. ft. facility on Cahuenga Boulevard. Later clients included Iggy Pop, Maroon 5, the Goo Goo Dolls and Rage Against the Machine.

Expansion of Space and Services: Swing House moved in 2001 to Tim Burton’s former film studio, a 7,800-sq.ft. facility at Willoughby and Formosa that involved an expansion to five rehearsal studios (including two stages) and two recording control rooms. Swing House also evolved into an all-purpose facility, renting equipment for backline, staging and PA systems, and providing Production for outdoor events and parties. Clients included Indie 103 FM and artists playing Coachella. Swing House’s success led to producing such popular events as the Sunset Strip Music Festival, Culture Collide and Abbot Kinney Festival.

Imminent Move to New 21,000 Sq. Ft. Facility in Atwater Village: Swing House is celebrating its big 2-0 in a huge way, relocating in late summer 2014 to a new 21,000-sq. ft. location in Atwater Crossing (making it the city’s largest tour rehearsal staging facility so close to Downtown L.A.). The expansive space will have two production stages up to 2,000 sq. ft. each with an attached production office, green room, bathroom and shower, two rehearsal rooms, two control rooms, a tracking stage and seven dedicated production rooms to host producers in residence. “We want to encourage a community of producers who will bring in artists who will also use Swing House’s various other rooms and services throughout their careers,” says Jaurigui. Another convenience is a 30+ car parking lot and a loading dock and tour bus bay.

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