DIY Spotlight: The GoAround


Determined to achieve their dreams on their own terms, Alexander and Anthony Saddic formed the pop/alt-rock act the GoAround in their hometown of West Chester, PA. In order to build their brand and bond with fans they followed a strict DIY plan. But, they had to weather many changes and a myriad of band members until they figured out that they were best as a duo.

Starting from those humble beginnings, the Saddic brothers have gone from practicing in the garage to performing on major stages.

When they began playing in public they traded shows with other bands to expand their reach and increase their fan base-—which paid off nicely.

The brothers had a unique vision for a music video of their song “Her Love is Like Glass.” But, they needed the help of their fans to achieve it because, in the video, they wanted to smash thousands of pieces of glass.

So they called upon fans to donate items such as jars and bottles in order to create a dramatic visual metaphor of love being…well, either a beautiful or painful experience. The response was overwhelming.

They thanked the fans that donated items by giving them a shout out at the end of the video, as well as a free T-shirt and an invitation to a private screening before its release.

Now, they are calling on fans again for their newest project, a video for their single “When I Hit The Bottom.”

This duo obviously knows how to make fans feel like they’re part of the project and get them to be emotionally invested. As a result, the GoAround have received numerous accolades and graced the airwaves on the east coast, all without ever abandoning their DIY principles.

For more info, go to www.thegoaround.com