Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame Debuts AI Experience

StoryFile Inc. announced the debut of a long-term installation of its AI-powered conversational video technology at the Boch Center’s Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame (FARHOF) in Boston. The interactive display is part of Life in Six Strings, a new exhibit featuring two dozen distinctive guitars from philanthropist Ernie Boch Jr.’s personal collection. The exhibit includes electric and acoustic instruments, each with a notable history and impact on music making across multiple decades and myriad genres.

With the help of the artificial intelligence platform, a hologram of Ernie Boch, Jr. will personally share each guitar’s unique story. A virtual Ernie will answer guests’ questions about himself, the significance of the guitars in the annals of music and the relevance each holds as part of his extensive collection. The installation was created in partnership with Museum Collective and is the world’s first AI hologram in a hall of fame.

Boch appears in hologram form in the exhibit space and visitors can ask him questions about his life, business, love of music and stories behind his historic collection of guitars. StoryFile’s AI-technology enables him to respond, creating a realistic, engaging and memorable experience.

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