DIY Spotlight: Birch

Michelle Birsky, aka Birch, grew up in a small town in Connecticut. Though she uncovered her passion for music at a young age, it wasn’t until furthering her studies at Kenyon College that Birch truly began to realize her dream of making a career out of producing music. After college, she immersed herself in composing and decided to relocate to Brooklyn, NY in order to expand her music career. 

Inspired by her own experience, Birch recently released a single, “Spelling Lessons” to explain her thoughts on the fundamentals of gender inequality.  “The first time I was taught that girls exist FOR boys, not WITH boys,” explains Birch, “I was in 6th grade and I bent over in the library to grab a book. My shirt rode up a bit showing part of my back and the librarian chastised me, ‘Young lady, your back is showing. I won’t have you distracting the boys.’ I was shocked, confused and embarrassed.”

Birch proudly stands as a feminist synth-pop artist and is not afraid of using her voice in a positive, impactful way. “By talking about the small moments when women feel devalued or silenced or sexualized, I’m attempting to get to the source. But it doesn’t always feel good. I get a pang of fear: does my story even matter? But then I listen to a deeper voice within and hear the truth: Yes, yes it does.” Her album, femme.one, will be released on April 5. 

To learn more about Birch, visit BirchMusicNYC.com.