Renfree Isaacs

New Music Critique: Renfree Isaacs


Any winery or brewfest would do well to consider this trio of tight players, all of whom take turns at the mic on songs that emit an amiable, easygoing vibe. “She Suffers the Fool” is a story we can all relate to, one that’s cleverly told here in a voice that is emotionally earnest and technically rangey. Not as catchy, but loaded with nostalgia value, is “Radio Flyer,” about one man’s sweet memories of a favorite childhood vehicle. We have to give Andi Renfree the edge when it comes to vocal prowess. Her work on the hard-luck blues-folk tune “Midnight Roll” is strong, powerful and affecting. All in all, Renfree Isaacs are a tight, appealing trio who know how to pick and who know how to entertain.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking (U.S.), Film/TV
Style: Americana, Folk Rock