Secretly Group to release catalog in Atmos, partnership with Dolby-vetted Immersion Networks

Starting with the latest release by Hatchie, Secretly Group will release select tracks and albums in Dolby Atmos using mixes created by Immersion Networks’ Studio Services. 

As streaming platforms offer listeners an ever wider array of higher-quality audio options from hi-res to Dolby Atmos, labels are facing headwinds. Most tools and processes for mixing in immersive formats are hard to access, slow to scale, and expensive to use. 

Immersion Networks has built a platform and suite of services that solve these pain points, making it simple for high-caliber artists to reimagine their catalogs in lush, compelling Dolby Atmos. IN’s proprietary tools are used to craft Atmos mixes with an even greater sense of space, presence, and emotional impact. 

In its latest initiative to create more affordable on-ramps for independent labels seeking quality Atmos audio, Immersion Networks has partnered with leading independent label Secretly Group  to create nuanced Atmos mixes at catalog-level scale. “We want to bring you to a place that makes you feel like you’re present at the session, not just listening to static sound,” explains Immersion Networks CEO and co-founder Paul Hubert. “Our goal is to connect you with the music of Secretly artists in a way you’ve never felt before.” 

The team at Immersion has quickly become an important new resource for us in the spatial audio space. They’ve been adaptive to our needs and—as a result—provided an efficient and accessible option in an area that had been anything but,” says Ben Swanson, co-founder and owner of Secretly Group. “More than anything, Immersion is passionate about the music and puts a ton of care into our projects. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them.”

“Immersion Networks is dedicated to bringing the best Atmos and spatial audio experience to everyone”, explains Immersion COO Jim Rondinelli. “Our proprietary software cloud was purpose-built for immersive audio, and allows catalog owners to scale the creation of hand-crafted Atmos mixes more efficiently than any approach in-market. Our partnership with Secretly Group is the first of many to come, all with the goal of giving artists more-efficient paths to access the growing Dolby Atmos ecosystem. 


About Immersion Networks

Immersion Networks is a Redmond, WA-based company dedicated to reframing the human listening experience. Founded by key contributors to the world’s dominant audio formats, the company has developed the world’s first cloud-based platform for the creation of next-generation audio. Immersion relies on a combination of proprietary technologies and multi-platinum engineers to provide a full-suite of services for the creation of Dolby Atmos audio mixes, in a process vetted by Dolby.