Fender Introduces the Mike McCready Stratocaster

Fender has released the Mike McCready Stratocaster, an accessible homage to Pearl Jam’s lead guitarists’ iconic 1960s Stratocaster® guitar. As one of the founding members of Pearl Jam, McCready’s unique style became his signature sound and helped the band to stand out from their contemporaries throughout their long and hugely influential career. Created in close collaboration with McCready, this signature Stratocaster® guitar pays tribute to his unique blues-inspired style and serves as a testament to his extraordinary artistry and sonic finesse. Built in Ensenada, Mexico, this signature guitar marks the second collaboration with the award winning guitarist following his Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike McCready Stratocaster® released in 2021. Created not only for Pearl Jam and Mike McCready fans, but Fender enthusiasts alike looking for an accessible, excellent vintage-style, road-worn® 60s Strat®.


  • Custom Pickups: This custom pickup set is voiced to sound like his beloved 1960 Stratocaster. Warm and articulate, this custom pickup set nails McCready’s signature tone and sounds great for any style of music.
  • Signature Finish: Alder body provides the classic Fender tonewood while the Road Worn finish adds the nuances of a well traveled vintage guitar.
  • Neck Construction: The neck is carved to match his 1960 Strat and is reminiscent of the most popular neck shapes in Fender’s catalog, designed for comfort and performance.
  • Vintage Tremolo: The six-point tremolo offers proper intonation, full adjustability and easy access to cool vibrato sounds.
  • Fingerboard Radius: This radius is slightly flatter than a vintage-style radius but with enough arc for comfortable chording and easier note bending.

Mike McCready Stratocaster® Guitar