Signing Story: Gwyn Love

Date Signed: Aug. 1, 2019

Label: 604 Records

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Kara Purto and Jonathan Simkin - Simkin Artist Management

Booking: N/A

Legal: Lindsey Bailey

Publicity: Elisa Kupelian, [email protected]


A&R: Jonathan Simkin - 604 Records

Pop singer Gwyn Love wasn’t seeking a record label. Rather, without any releases under her belt she thought getting signed was impossible. Then the music student received an assignment to interview someone in the industry. Because Marianas Trench reigns supreme as her favorite artist, Love reached out to Jonathan Simkin, President of the poppy rock band’s label, 604 Records. Stylistically presented as VIOIV, the scrappy outfit notably released albums from Theory of a Deadman and Carly Rae Jepsen.

During her two-hour conversation with Simkin, Love casually mentioned she writes music. Simkin subsequently asked her to send him something he could hear. “He said that song was good and had potential,” recollects Love regarding that track involving just piano and vocals. The tune would ultimately get placed on her debut EP, released this fall. Then she wrote another song and recorded it under the production talents of a fellow pupil. Delivering that second track cemented Simkin’s desire to sign her. All he wanted in addition was a peek at Love’s Instagram.

As the label’s first American artist, Love felt unsure how signing with a Canadian label might work. “I thought it was a little wild,” she concurs, but Simkin’s charm and faith in her talent convinced the spunky diva to take the plunge. Naturally, Love did her research first, questioning the label’s other artists regarding their experiences. Uncomfortable with legalese, the Oklahoma native had her attorney scrutinize the contract before going official.

Just to be certain, artistic control was stipulated within the agreement. Also, instead of placing her concerns upon a hefty advance, Love asked for and received Logic Pro recording software. The deal made possible a music video (with which she expresses deep satisfaction), as well as collaborations with producers who would have otherwise been unobtainable.

Love advises others hunting for a label to refrain from hesitation and simply focus on forging connections. “You never know what could spark from talking to someone,” she recommends. “Don’t be scared to put yourself out there.”