Signing Story: Roadhouse

Date Signed: 2020

Label: BBR Music Group

Band Members: Dee Jay Silver and DJ Ikon

Type of Music: Country/EDM Crossover

Management: Red Light Management

Booking: WME

Publicity: Jay Jones/Quinn Kaemmer


A&R: Sara Knabe

The cross-pollination of electronic music and country isn’t an obvious one. On the surface, the two genres are utterly at odds. Yet the duo of RoadHouse, composed of Dee Jay Silver and DJ Ikon, manages to do exactly that by employing the ethos that nothing is off limits while people are having a good time. Fortunately, they found in each other two like-minded souls.

“We had a ton of mutual friends in the DJ clique that we hang with,” says Silver. “I was in Vegas in December at the NFR [National Finals Rodeo] and Ikon happened to be in the group. We started chatting, and our paths kept crossing. An immediate friendship struck up and we were talking daily. I said that I had a concept called RoadHouse and asked how he felt about being the other half of it.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The chemistry works, both in the studio and in the live environment where they really shine.

“We just put it all together,” says Silver. “We’re gonna put pop, rock, country and EDM into one thing. Good music is good music. I don’t think good music needs to be labeled, and that’s what we live by. There’s no song off limits, and if there’s a song the crowd wants to hear, we’ll play it.”

The group describes its sound as a “country version of the Chainsmokers,” with live instrumentation.

“When we do our live shows, the goal is to be as inclusive as possible,” says Ikon. “We want everyone to enjoy it. Never have a dull moment, whether I’m pouring shots in people’s mouths or bringing people up on stage. Music-wise, we really want it to be fun. We want people to sing every song in the entire set. That translates into the music.”

Their good-time vibe brought them to the attention of BBR Music, and they recently became the first DJ project to sign to a Nashvile label. “I’ve been with Jason Aldean for 11 years, and he’s been with BBR since I’ve been with him,” says Silver. “They’ve become family to me, they’re just my people.”

The first taste just dropped––a remix of LOCASH’s “One Big Country Song.” There’s an EP on the way too.

“We’re definitely staying busy, but we’d much rather be in the middle of Nebraska right now, about to go on and complaining about the heat.