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Surviving in today’s over-saturated industry is no easy feat. Having seven years experience touring with artists like Sick of Sarah and Taking Back Sunday, however, can help develop the skills necessary to succeed. At least that’s the plan set by indie-rocker Kerchief and 825 Records.

After a seven-year tenure as Vanity Theft’s guitarist/backup vocalist, Brittany Hill moved to Tennessee to begin a new career under the moniker Kerchief. “I started learning how to use recording software,” Hill explains. “I picked up Ableton so I could learn how to produce my own EP.” After deciding to take her songwriting to the next level, Hill began searching for a session drummer. “I happened to stumble onto one of Matty [Amendola’s] profile pages. I asked him to do a couple tracks. He recorded three drum tracks and sent them back in less than a day. They sounded amazing.”

“It’s important to just hit the road and get out there–make fans, meet new people, generate interest.”

Amendola inquired about the artist’s goals for the newly completed tracks. “I told him I wasn’t sure yet and he said, ‘Let me produce it, you should come to New York. I think we’d work really well together.’” When the duo met in New York, they completed a 10-track album, Machines & Animals, in just seven days. Along with producing the LP, Amendola offered Kerchief an artist and development deal through his label, 825 Records. Hill gladly accepted.

“I knew that I needed someone on my team who got what I was trying to do and dug the style and could see the potential to help me take it to the next level,” Hill explains. “Matty had a master plan.” That master plan included Grammy-winning engineer Butch Jones (Talking Heads, Madonna) who worked closely with Kerchief and Amendola for the upcoming release. The label is also setting up a tour for Kerchief later this spring.

“I've definitely learned from bands like Sick of Sarah that it’s important to just hit the road and get out there—make fans, meet new people, generate interest. I love touring and am excited to hit the road again.”

Machines & Animals’ first single, “Milk & Honey,” dropped in March.
– Andy Mesecher