Signing Story: Alberta Cross

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English rock band Alberta Cross has signed with numerous labels, including Geffen, PIAS and Ark. But for singer/guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee, it was time for another change when ATO Records pushed too hard for commercial success. Having extricated himself from that deal, he secured a publishing arrangement via his manager, then took wing to Woodstock, NY’s Dreamland Recording Studios, where he independently recorded precisely the album he wanted.

Already familiar with the band, Dine Alone Records caught wind of the group’s free agent status. “My management sent them the record, they liked it and there you go,” recounts Stakee, who cottoned to the label’s vibe and their understanding of the group’s touring desires. “They seemed into what we were doing. We gelled pretty quick.” The alt-rocker got what he wanted––a 50/50 deal.

“Don’t be too concentrated on getting signed. Concentrate on creating what you think is good.”

Stakee takes switching labels in stride; it comes with the job. Instead of focusing on contract details, he places attention on artistic freedom. “I’m in it to make music,” he declares. “If it reaches people, that’s amazing. But if you just aim to do well instead of creating good stuff, you’re going to be in a bad place.”

This perspective aligns with Stakee’s recipe for industry achievement. “Whatever you’re creating, just do your thing. Believe in your stuff, work hard and it will take you somewhere if you’re on a good path. Don’t be too concentrated on getting signed. Concentrate on creating what you think is good, the stuff you burn for. That’s more important.”

Alberta Cross’s third studio album, ASAP, will be released on Oct. 16 following a tour with Heartless Bastards.

Photo by Josh Lattanzi