Oliver Francis Signs to Hopeless Records, Launches Wild Halo

Oliver Francis has announced a partnership with Hopeless Records who will launch his new imprint, Wild Halo, under their umbrella. Alongside the signing, Francis has released a new single and video for “Toxic Paradise” – PRESS HERE to listen to the new single, with lyrics co-written by Aaron Gillespie of Underoath and PRESS HERE to watch the video, directed by Francis and Orie McGinnis.

After amassing 100 million-plus streams, selling out shows, and receiving acclaim from Elevator and more, Francis widens the scope of the genre, fusing sci-fi ambition to gritty trap. “Toxic Paradise,” the first episode in Francis’ bold, new series of cinematic music videos set in a retro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic world, signifies a creative evolution for the Columbia, Missouri rapper, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and now, visual artist.

While success is nothing new for Francis who has organically created a heavily engaged and interactive fanbase, “Toxic Paradise” signifies the most significant and meticulous creation of his career to date. At the helm of his quixotic vision -- from conception, through writing, producing, co-directing, co-editing, and art direction – Francis’ attention to detail and hands-on approach has resulted in an artistic awakening.

Francis has this to say about the track and video: “‘Toxic Paradise’ is more than a song. It is a glimpse into a conceptual universe. It is a blend of 80’s synth mixed with trap, and pop music. Sonically I want to transport the listener to another place. Think Blade Runner or The Fifth Element mixed with Travis Scott. This isn’t a music video spearheaded by a random director. This is a creative collaboration between myself and Orie McGinnis. Everything you are seeing came directly from my head. I worked alongside Orie every step of the way. Co-Directing and Co-editing. From on screen actions to the color grading. This is me pushing myself as a musician AND as a visual artist. I am so incredibly proud of everyone involved in this release. No one who wasn’t involved will ever truly understand the blood sweat and tears we all poured into this. Creativity is my life blood! This is all I know.”

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