Signing Story: Aquile--A Rising Artist's Smartest Move

Signing Story - Aquile Pic

acquile data boxBuilding upon the wider recognition he received from his performances on Season 3 of the television singing competition, The Voice, Aquile decided to create his own publishing company in 2013. The 25-year-old singer, songwriter and producer, established Aquile Music Global Publishing Inc. with the help of his business partners, Garth Smith and Danny Staggs; it was a move that culminated in the singer signing a co-publishing deal with music production company, Fieldhouse.

The Voice has helped me tremendously, so it’s not difficult to show a company like Fieldhouse who I am based on that,” says Aquile. “[Fieldhouse] do a lot of soundtracks for TV shows, movies and commercials. It’s exciting for me, since I’ve always wanted my music in films and we’re looking to get some placements as soon as possible.”

Having moved to Oceanside, CA, from Wyoming at age 20, Aquile met and quickly began working with his current manager, G. Smith. It was Smith who introduced the young singer to music producer D. Staggs. With years of experience in the industry, Staggs mentored Aquile and Smith into forming their own publishing company.

“We’re looking to get some

placements as soon as possible.”

“[Staggs] took us under his wing a little bit,” he says, “and Fieldhouse was a relationship he already had. So bringing him on as a partner is what really introduced us to [Fieldhouse], which led to the signing. And starting our own publishing has allowed us to partner with Fieldhouse, as opposed to me belonging to the company.”

And while Aquile looks forward to working with Fieldhouse to advance his own career, he is also keen to begin working with new artists for his own publishing company, stating he has “an amazing network of unsigned people who could really use some help getting their music heard” and he wants to help them.

Currently, however, Aquile is recording his debut album, which he plans to independently release in early 2014. Having only promoted singles up to this point, Aquile calls himself a “picky artist” and says it’s taken him some time to feel comfortable with an album’s worth of material. But he adds he’s looking forward to offering his “own variety of soulful pop.”

Aquile’s single, “Control,” is available now on iTunes. – Albert Vega