Signing Story: Tucker Hill

Date Signed: June 2020

Label: Bellringer Productions

Type of Music: Pop/Trap/Hip-Hop/R&B

Management: Simon Rosen - Law Office of Simon Rosen, [email protected]

Legal: Simon Rosen - Law Office of Simon Rosen, [email protected]

Web: tuckerhillsounds.com

A&R: Marcus Bell

Philadelphia-based musician, producer and engineer Tucker Hill has struck himself a slightly different kind of deal. Rather than a conventional record contract, he’s signed an agreement with Bellringer Productions that will help him to place his music in film and TV, a pursuit that can be both lucrative and career-expanding. The roots of this new relationship stretch back to his childhood when Simon Rosen was his Little League coach. Rosen, a lawyer whose practice includes entertainment law, now represents him.

“I’m a member of NARIP, the National Association of Record Industry Professionals,” Hill explains. “It’s headed by Tess Taylor, who’s an amazing person. She got me connected with all of this. I registered for a pitch meeting with them for a publishing company called Bellringer Productions. Over the course of the meeting, I talked with [Bellringer CEO] Marcus Bell, played him some of my music and he signed me on the spot to push my music for film and television.”

The association with Taylor at NARIP came courtesy of Rosen, Hill’s manager and attorney. By way of reminder, Hill has known Rosen since he was quite young. “When I began to do music professionally, my parents suggested that I get in touch with him,” he recalls. “I reached out and discovered what a big deal he is. He’s been really helpful in getting me connected and showing me the ropes.”

Generally, Bellringer acts as a conduit between artists and TV/film music supervisors, directors and the like. The company maintains a catalog of its artists and then pitches their material when and where it’s seen as a good fit.

In addition to creating his own work, he labors to develop other artists. One that he’s particularly enthusiastic about is R&B/pop talent Mona Mee. They aim to release music together soon. Currently he divides his time between his home recording space and MonkMusic Studios, a professional outfit in Montauk, NY, where he also works as an engineer. He’s especially thankful to Taylor, Bell, Rosen and, of course, his parents.