Signing Story: Giolì & Assia

Label: Ultra Records
Type of Music: Deep House/Indie-Pop
Management: Ian LaPlace and Zach Partin - Conscious Wanted Management
Booking: CAA - North & South America /
Paradigm Agency - rest of world
Legal: Brian Schall - WRS Lawyers
Publicity: Ashley J. Moore - Heliotype Creative
Web: gioliandassia.com
A&R: David Waxman - Ultra Records

The world of electronic music has thrown us some amazing visuals in recent years, not least the stunning e-shows taking place within the worlds of Fortnite and Minecraft. Deadmau5’s cube, Gareth Emery’s lasers. Yet it was the natural surroundings of an active volcano in Milazzo, Sicily, in their native Italy, that production/DJ/multi- instrumentalist/songwriting duo Giolì & Assia performed a set last April that has now pulled in 7.8 million Youtube views.

The pair, who are also a couple, found each other at the age of 18 when they were already working hard at their music individually. They quickly clicked.

“I started writing to Gioli, and since that moment five years ago we always speak 24 hours,” says Assia. “We started working together and being in a relationship very quickly. We moved to Milan, and then started this project. Everything we did was together. Being in a relationship and working together is amazing.”

Giolì admits that there are challenges that come with working so closely with your beloved, but overall it’s a wonderful experience.

“It’s difficult sometimes,” she says. “Sometimes we have the same idea, sometimes we don’t. But in general it’s beautiful and nice because you can travel and visit parts of the world with your own partner and share experiences.”

On July 8, it was announced that the duo had signed with Ultra Records, a deal that Giolì says makes complete sense for them.

“We knew that we wanted to find a bigger label, a real partner,” says Giolì. “We met in their studio and it was a nice experience for us. We usually share our tracks on our own label, which is beautiful because you can control everything. But of course to have a bigger team and a partner that believes in you and wants to see you grow, it’s better.”

2020 was hotting up for them before the lockdown forced everything to screech to a halt. Still, they’re looking at the positives.

“Luckily we have the sun and the sea very close to our home,” says Assia. “It’s the first summer in five years we’re at home, so we can share the positive side of it. We’re excited to start again in September, we hope.”