Signing Story: David Lyn

Date Signed: June 24, 2020

Label: Spirit Music Group

Type of Music: R&B

Management: Creative Titans

Booking: [email protected]

Legal: Stephen Luckman - Sheridans Law Firm Publicity: Roots PR Agency

Web: creativetitans.com/david-lyn.html

Having just released his debut single, "Can't Breathe," and with an EP set for release in the next few months, David Lyn's publishing deal with Spirit Music Group presents a perfect example of what can unfold when you follow your bliss. Lyn’s brother, Grammy-winning producer Izybeats, had just started out in music when he asked Lyn to try out some gear and create sounds for him. Lyn followed the flow, and what began as a hobby led to the recording deal with a commitment for personal releases.

On the heels of winning an R&B competition in New York at the tender age of 16, Lyn caught the bug and began to dedicate time every day to work on his craft. After a few years, and with both brothers being part of the same Caribbean club scene in Miami, they rubbed shoulders with many in the music business, including manager Ron Telford. Telford became familiar with their sounds while Lyn was writing hit songs for other artists around social and political injustice, and when the duo began songwriting work for Popeye, who Telford was managing at the time.

Izy reached out to Telford, and a management deal soon followed. Six months later, Telford began managing Lyn and masterminded the Spirit Music deal. “A big shout out to my management [at] Creative Titans,” Lyn says, “and to my manager, Ron Telford. He was amazing with it and really taught me a lot in the last two years.”

Lyn gives credit for much of his evolution as a writer and artist to those he has met along the way, for example Rick Ross and Flo Rida, who lent inspiration and advice and helped him to understand the business. Lyn also says that some of his self-confidence came from listening to Amaria who helped him believe he could make it, and that Betty Wright was instrumental in the development of his vocal skills.

When asked what he loved about songwriting, Lyn replied, “You may be feeling angry, but if you go and scream in someone’s face, they might not hear how you really feel. But if you put that same anger on a beat and you find a way to let them feel your emotion, [you can] let them really hear you.”