Signing Story: New Beat Fund

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Named “for a piggy bank with the words New Beat Fund encrypted on it that was later catapulted into the facade of a corporate building,” self-proclaimed “g-punk” band New Beat Fund of Los Angeles found themselves signing a deal with Red Bull Records nearly a year ago after a serendipitous meeting near Hollywood with label A&R rep Kenny “Tick” Salcido, known for his past work with labels such as Warner Bros. and Grand Royal.

“We met this guy named Tick, and he was really vibing with our band,” says lead vocalist/guitarist BuRNie BAkeR. “We met for coffee in Eagle Rock [in northeast L.A.], and it was the strongest coffee I’ve ever had, and he brought us in to meet the label. Tick came from places like Grand Royal Records, Mike D’s label, and understood where we were going.”

The encounter led to a string of dates last fall opening for Blink-182, during which the foursome accrued tour stories like using pizza as “jimmy warmers,” snail mailing an Oreo ice cream cake to Tom DeLonge as a birthday present, and seeing Travis Barker play late night shows at American Junkie in Chicago with Mike D of Beastie Boys.

“We didn’t care about

getting signed.”

“We didn’t care about getting signed and so we put out a message of our own. [Labels] started coming to us. We just had a good vibe and we decided to roll with that, but it was never our intention to be signed. We made our first EP in our bedrooms and printed our own CDs and hustled. You got to live it. You have to put forth the effort,” BAkeR says, joking that Red Bull reps’ “caring hands” were what convinced New Beat Fund the label was right for them.
“When you shake hands after signing a deal, you want to know it’s a gentle hand and a trusting, caring hand that cares for your music.” New Beat Fund are currently recording their full-length Red Bull Records debut. – Jessica Pace