Signing Story: Alfa


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Hard work and remaining true to oneself is the name of the game 
for singer/songwriter Alfa Garcia. Born into a musical family, it was only a matter of time before Garcia eventually found herself turning away from the conventional nine-to-five to pursue a career as an indie-pop songstress. Even with her catchy mixture of folk and pop, it wasn’t Pacific Records that started the conversation with Garcia and her team, but rather her manager Paul Condon who reached out to them. He was on a quest to find a label that he believed fit his artist’s philosophies and approach to her artistry when he discovered Pacific Records. Soon after contacting the label, they heard back and the rest is now history.

“Really, it came about by him doing his research and then reaching out to the A&R guy over there,” Garcia says, stressing the importance of getting in touch with labels and starting a conversation with them first. “They were like, ‘We’re so happy that you approached us!’” Garcia recalls. “Basically, they said that they weren’t sure if they would have found me, since they’re based in San Diego.”

“They were like, ‘We’re so happy that you approached us!’”

The label, which is looking to extend to a more global reach after conquering the local scene, outfitted the singer with a two-year, two-album deal that also includes a publishing deal.

“I give them so much props because they pretty much gave me creative control with this record deal,” she said. “They basically said ‘We like what you do and we just want you to keep doing it.’ That’s the kind of deal you want! You don’t want one where they like your look but want you to write songs more like XYZ.”

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Since this interview, Alfa has opened for Sam Smith at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego on Aug. 11, and toured in the Philippines in May. She is currently working on her album, set to be released on Pacific Records in 2016.

– Victoria Patneaude