Signing Story: Alana Springsteen

Date Signed: June 2021

Type of Music: Country

Management: Eighteen Company, Basak Kizilisik, [email protected]

Booking: UTA, Jeffrey Hasson, [email protected]

Publicity: Julianne Cassidy, Sweet Talk Publicity, [email protected]

Web: alanaspringsteen.com

A&R: Luke Wooten - Warehouse West Entertainment, [email protected]; Basak Kizilisik - Eighteen Company, [email protected]

After independently achieving 30 million on-demand streams and over 670 playlist appearances in just over a year, singer-songwriter Alana Springsteen has turned an exciting corner in her career through a partnership with United Talent Agency (UTA), allowing her to focus on live shows and sync opportunities.

Springsteen signed her first publishing deal in Nashville at age 14. Hoping to do more live performances, she wanted to get more strategic and began to take meetings to explore options for official representation. The deal with UTA has no firm time commitment, but percentages are agreed on for each show booking or placement negotiated on the artist’s behalf.

Having met with several agencies, Springsteen shared that the team at UTA was hungry from day one, which made it a simple decision. “The passion was just there,” she says. “We met Jeffrey Hasson and, from day one, our visions lined up. Everything he was saying was something I already had on my mind.” The UTA agreement has an emphasis on live show promotion, as well as sync licensing for film, television and commercial placements.

The artist’s latest song release, “Zero Trucks,” is a breakup anthem, with Springsteen partying with her closest friends and getting back to herself in the accompanying video. “Somebody once told me that you have to live more than you write,” Springsteen says. “So, I try to balance that out because I think your well has to be full to be able to draw from. I think that's part of the thing that connects me to my fans the most––talking about those experiences from my point of view.” Springsteen holds writing and production credit on singles, “California” and “Zero Trucks,” as well as writing credit on “Trying Not To.”

UTA’s Jeffrey Hasson says of Springsteen, “You could see very quickly that there was something special about her songwriting and in the way she naturally and organically interacted with fans on social media. It was clear that people were interested in what she was doing––and she found great ways to connect with them.”