Signing Story: Asking Alexandria

Date Signed: June 7, 2021

Label: Better Noise Music

Type of Music:  Metal

Band Members: Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop, James Cassells, Cameron Liddell, Sam Bettley

Management: Diony Sepulveda


A&R: Allen Kovac, Lexi Viklund - Better Noise Music

The members of Asking Alexandria have seen their fair share of trials and tribulations. Over the course of the past 12 years, in-fighting, near-death experiences and multiple line-up changes have nearly derailed their career as a group. But now that the original five members are back together, they have a new appreciation for one another. Along with a brand-new music release on the way from their new label. Having previously released their first six albums with Sumerian Records, this business venture further establishes all of the new beginnings that are on the horizon for the British rock veterans. “We signed with Sumerian when we were super-young and they were also super-young. So, we were both growing together, but at the same time we were learning together. With Sumerian there were a lot of firsts for all of us,” recalled the band’s founding member, Ben Bruce.

We’ve gotten to the point now,” he continues, “where we’re older and there’s still a lot more that we want to accomplish and achieve. We just felt like we needed a little more help, and Better Noise Music has boots on the ground all over the world. They’ve done this with other bands and we just wanted the opportunity to go and learn from someone rather than learn with someone. We spoke to many labels, but Better Noise Music shared our vision, they shared our passion and they believed in the band.”

When Allen Kovac orchestrated the business transaction that brought Asking Alexandria to Better Noise Music, the company’s founder provided his signees with a new A&R management team and an assurance that the label’s rollout plan would not conflict with the creative direction of their upcoming album. From an artistic standpoint, that’s an impression that was very meaningful to the primary songwriter of Asking Alexandria. “There are so many cogs that make the music industry machine run,” says Bruce. “It’s become a huge priority with the way music is run to focus on a band’s next single for different playlists. So far, with the creation of this record, the A&R team has kind of given us free rein. So instead of creating singles that need to be playlisted, it was important to them and us to create a record that told a story and took the listeners on a journey.”

Asking Alexandria’s debut album with Better Noise Music, See What’s on the Inside, was released on Oct. 1.