Signing Story: Oya Baby

Date Signed: August 2020

Label: International Music Group

Band Members: Oya Baby

Type of Music: Hip-Hop/Reggaeton/Latin/Pop

Management: Lee “Freezy” Prince / Flo Rida - Strong Arm

Legal: Reginald A. Mathis

Publicity: Zee Mullen - Savvy Affairs

Web: linktr.ee/oyababyy

A&R: Flo Rida

Miami rapper Oya Baby got her start in music by putting one foot in the door and one on the floor. She was a dancer for fellow Miami artist Flo Rida for seven years, right out of high school. Always the performer, Flo saw something special in her and signed her up to his Strong Arm management group and International Music Group label.

“I always knew that I was going to be an entertainer, and it was something I did even as a little girl, trying to mimic Selena, Beyoncé and all the greats,” she says. “I just knew that was for me, and I guess Flo just saw that in me. We became family throughout the process, so he just gave me that proposal. He always knew my love for music. Like, I thought at one point I was going to be an A&R. He always liked to share, and listen to my opinions. He’d study me in a way. We went to the studio and felt like we could do something with this. I loved it. We haven’t stopped since.”

Oya Baby describes her sound as rap, with Latin vibes. Upbeat, fun and energetic. “Miami vibes,” she says proudly.

“305, baby,” she says, in reference to the city’s original area code. “Born and raised. This is where I learned how to dance. I came from actual Cuban immigrants, so my mom came here when she was nine years old. They made a life here for us and we haven’t left ever since.”

“I do feel that and I’m so here for it,” she says. “Women really are capable of anything, especially when we stand together. I’m all for women supporting other women. I really am here for that. I was raised by a single mother. Just seeing all the things women are capable of doing, it's crazy and the most amazing thing. We definitely should take advantage of that. It’s our time.”

Looking ahead, the rapper says that she has a lot of releases and shows planned, pandemic-allowing. The next single will be a collab with aforementioned Miami rapper Trina, and after that she’ll be keeping busy, possibly with an EP. Keep your eyes on her.