Sennheiser's #DontStopTheEducation Webinars

Sennheiser’s #DontStopTheEducation initiative continues with three more live round-table discussions with fantastic guests from the music industry. The new round tables offer top tips from independent artists, expert insights on immersive audio and a chance to hear a discussion with the talented crew members supporting country artist Blake Shelton. Other live webinars in the series will look at the planning and execution of big TV productions, antenna system design, RF wireless basics and the optimization of IEM systems. As well as offering the inside track on their art, professions and industries, all panelists and hosts are looking forward to answering your questions.

Round Table Discussion
June 2, 2020 17:00 Berlin time (16:00 London, 11:00 New York, 15:00 UTC)
Crew Call – Blake Shelton

Sennheiser hosts Tim Moore and Andy Egerton welcome members of country artist Blake Shelton’s team. The guests will include members of the band, the audio team, and other production staff who will discuss how a crew works as a unit to approach audio, wireless, planning and the execution of a major tour. Brad Baisley (Monitor Engineer), Tracy Broussard (Drummer), Jeff Parsons (FoH), Ed Hardin (Drum Tech) and Jason Herndon (Guitar Tech) will share unique insights and are happy to answer questions from the audience. Please register here.

June 3, 2020, various times
Antenna System Design (including multi-zone set-ups)
Sennheiser RF specialist Jonas Naesby will share best practice examples of designing antenna systems. He will explain how to calculate gain structures and how to extend coverage by setting up additional antenna zones.
This webinar will also be offered at three different times:

June 4 and 5, various times
Fundamentals of Wireless Mics
In this two-hour webinar, RF expert Andrew Kornstein will provide a deep dive into wireless microphone technology. Participants will learn the theory and physics behind the electromagnetic spectrum and how it applies to day-to-day operation of wireless microphones. Andrew will also discuss many practical ways to effectively plan and deploy RF wireless systems, maximize the channel count and ensure optimum operational stability even in the most challenging RF environments.

Again, this webinar will be offered at three different times:

June 8, various times
IEM System Optimization
RF wireless expert Jonas Naesby will show how to set up multi-channel IEM systems and do live walk tests for webinar participants to demonstrate how adjusting a few simple settings will significantly improve sound quality and coverage.
This webinar will be offered at three different times: