Psymon Spine Signs to Northern Spy Records

After a three year hiatus, Brooklyn psych/dance outfit Psymon Spine today returned with their new single “Milk” and announced signing with Northern Spy Records. At the time it was written, band members Noah Prebish and Sabine Holler were also playing in the dream-pop group Barrie, and had asked Barrie Lindsay to contribute vocals and lyrics to a then-instrumental “Milk.”

The result was a funky, bubblegum psych-pop jam ostensibly about “aliens going to a show,” says Lindsay. A track that had started out with a darker electro-pop backbone along the lines of New Order and Art of Noise had, with Barrie’s contributions, taken on a sunniness akin to Blondie and Tom Tom Club. The song debuts Psymon Spine’s new approach to fusing huge melodic hooks with left-of-center dance sounds, and hints at still more adventurous directions to come. Listen to “Milk” here.

Psymon Spine fuse psychedelic pop and the deep grooves of dance music. The Brooklyn electronic pop outfit's origins date back to core members Noah Prebish and Peter Spears meeting in college and finding common ground in their artistic aims and influences. Eventually, Brother Michael joined Psymon Spine as the trio hashed out the demos for what would become their 2017 debut and continued on that aesthetic mission by becoming figures in the Brooklyn dance scene through throwing the immersive art and dance parties via their Secret Friend series. Meanwhile, Prebish's work in dream-pop band Barrie—who broke out last year with the excellent debut Happy to Be Here following a string of buzz-making singles—led him to meet singer and multi-instrumentalist Sabine Holler, who also eventually joined Psymon Spine.