New Music Critique: Robert Kuhn


Robert Kuhn has a unique, distinctive sound. It’s not for everyone, and he may be hard-pressed to find the right label, but his voice, with its matter-of-fact, loose delivery, is a standout, and it’s a good match for his driving, uptempo, often monotonous music, which is rendered in a trebly, lo-fi style. On the breezy and uplifting “Li,” Kuhn’s voice dwells in a large, lysergic fog of reverb, swirling along with a harmonica and the drone of a sitar. It’s trippy and it really grows on you. “Dragons” is another uplifting song and it adds a heavenly organ sound and some cool chants to his formula. We hear an Of Monsters and Men vibe in the spaced-out “Low Way.” Fans of idiosyncratic music...here’s your man.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: robertkuhnmusic.com
Seeking: Label
Style: Psychedelic Folk