Tracks Needed

Pop, Country and Soul Tracks Needed For Major Releases

The Sony-Orchard Alliance globally distributed INDIE HITS SERIES is closing out new editions of the pop, country and soul collections for Summer and Fall releases. ACTIVATE Entertainment has non-exclusive licensing opportunities to be included in the worldwide releases, that help artists get more exposure, fanbases and opportunities for tours, shows & other licensing.

The pop Series entitled “WANNA PARTY!” has two volumes out & receiving rave reviews, several media referring to it as the ‘NOW’ series for independent pop artists, & establishing it’s self as the place for pop fans worldwide to hear the hottest 20 new Pop artists & songs first. With a tagline of ‘Hear Tomorrow’s Hits Today!’ WANNA PARTY! has Volume 3 closing out soon & a WANNA PARTY! Tour being organized for Summer & Fall concerts across the country.

The country Series entitled ‘LOVE MY COUNTRY!’, featuring ’20 Hot New Country Hits & Artists’ is closing out Volume 2 that will be released before Summer. A ‘LOVE MY COUNTRY! Tour & series of Summer & Fall concerts is being scheduled. Uptempo Country songs are being reviewed for inclusion on the upcoming edition of the series, becoming popular with Country fans that like to discover the next great song and artist. New music discovery is the platform for ‘LOVE MY COUNTRY!’ radio shows, concerts and merchandise line.

The Urban soul series entitled ‘GOT SOUL! NEW SOUL POWER’ is spotlighting the hottest new Soul singers & songs, transcending race, age or style – concentrating on heartfelt & soulful delivery. This series is a part of a new Soul movement, entitled ‘New Soul Power’ growing worldwide, with a desire in the overly computerized & autotuned world, a desire for ‘more real singers, real players & real songs!’. Volume 2 is being finalized now for a Spring release & Summer ‘GOT SOUL! Tour’.

Submissions for all 3 series can be made by submitting Soundcloud links, MP3s or Google drive. Adding additional photo, bio, video links will enhance the submission potentials. New editions of all 3 ‘HOT NEW HEAT’ indie hit series come out every 6 months, throughSony-Orchard & Alliance, the number one distributor of vinyl and CDs in the world. Submit by emailing: [email protected].