Boy Epic

Signing Story: Boy Epic

Dallas singer-songwriter Boy Epic has dreams that stretch beyond the regular singer-songwriter scope. This isn’t a guy happy to bide his time in coffee shops and dive bars, just himself and an acoustic guitar in tortured obscurity until he’s whisked off to Ed Sheeran-level stardom. Rather, Boy Epic has a grander vision that involves blending the world of music and film.

Describing his musical style as “cinematic-alternative,” Boy Epic names Frank Sinatra and Quentin Tarantino when listing influences. Creatively, he soaks it all up, while noting the level of determination and hard work that it took for those guys to succeed.

“Once I realized that this is something that I really wanted to do, it was all or nothing,” he says. “I dropped a lot of friends because I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I had to give all of myself to this dream. Through 10 years of that, I rediscovered my love for film. I just knew that, if I wanted to make it in this business, I had to make myself stand out. Crossing film and music together I felt was my best opportunity to do that.”

Boy Epic’s dreams began to become a reality when he took on Tracy Brown of CO5Music as his manager, which led to Hollywood Records.

“I’ve got this fantastic fanbase, I’ve got views on Youtube––she asked why I haven’t gone after a label and I straight-up told her that I don’t know how to do that,” he says. “I’m just making music and videos over here. We started working together, and I think within six months I was signed to Hollywood.”

Now, we’re starting to see the fruit of Boy Epic’s labor, and we’re getting a taste of the vision that he’s being dreaming up from the very beginning. His appropriately epic, sweeping and emotional songs partner beautifully with ambitious music videos.

“Right now, we’re putting out singles with videos, and I don’t know if I’m going to put out a full album yet,” he says. “Right now, what I’m going to do is release an EP here, an EP there, and then the full album will come and all those videos will be out there. I think one of my biggest goals is my ideal album release party, which would look like a movie premiere. Red carpet, go into the movie theater, there’s all the music videos I’ve done for this album and they all work together.”

Date Signed: October 2015
Label: Hollywood Records
Type of Music: Cinematic Alternative
Management: Tracy Brown - CO5Music
Legal: Ian Friedman
Publicity: Hollywood Records and Girlie Action, [email protected]
Web: youtube.com/boyepicmusic
A&R: Mio Vukovic