Earth Day

Guitar Center to Partner with D’Addario for Earth Day String Recycling/Replacement Event at Locations Nationwide

Guitar Center is partnering with D’Addario for a special event in celebration of Earth Day 2018. Over that weekend (April 21 and 22) at Guitar Center locations nationwide, any musician bringing in a guitar for setup will receive complimentary D’Addario premium replacement strings – either NYXL electric or Phosphor Bronze acoustic – as part of the guitar tuneup, with the old strings being recycled.

This event is part of D’Addario’s Playback recycling + replacement program, as well as Guitar Center’s year-round string recycling initiative, which has seen more than 1200 lbs. of strings recycled in the last 11 months alone. These efforts are accomplished with the help of global recycling organization TerraCycle, which specializes in handling hard-to-recycle materials.

“We thank all of our loyal customers who have been turning to their local Guitar Center locations for recycling their used strings,” stated Chris Stone, Director of Guitar Center Repairs. “It is the responsible and ecological decision, and we encourage all musicians to recycle rather than discard. We look forward to providing guitarists with premium replacement strings throughout the Earth Day weekend at our stores across the country.”

For more information, visit guitarcenter.com.