Pandora Submission Tool

Pandora Introduces New Independent Artist Submissions Tool

Pandora announced today a new Independent Artist Submissions tool.

While artists have been able to self-release music—through Artist Marketing Platform (AMP)—they've expanded this by broadening the suite of the self-serve creator tools AMP already offers to include: Artist Audio Messages, Featured Tracks, and Pandora Stories. The tool makes it easier for independent artists to connect with more fans and grow their audience base within Pandora while also allowing more submissions to be made and reducing wait times.

Using the New Independent Artist Submissions Tool: 

Pandora requires that your music has been distributed to Pandora via digital aggregator before using the tool.

You can access the new tool here after logging into AMP, or you can click on “Submissions” from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of your AMP profile. Complete the form to submit your track for review.

Pandora has also accepted over 64,000 releases from more than 44,000 independent artists all of whom have used the submissions process to get their tracks on Pandora and reach millions of listeners.