Music Health Alliance

Four Free Dental Days Available through Music Health Alliance

National non-profit Music Health Alliance is underwriting four days of FREE dental care this fall for members of Nashville’s music community. As 76% of our country’s creative community is self-employed and without access to group medical and dental benefits, hundreds have already been served through Music Health Alliance’s Dental Days in 2018 and 2019. The free dental care has even allowed patients access to organ transplant lists after being certified by a dental professional to be without infection.

Exams, teeth cleanings, x-rays and emergency extractions are provided onsite by Dr. Eileen Conway Seitz in a mobile dental unit, which will be located outside Music Health Alliance’s offices in Berry Hill (2737 Larmon Dr, Nashville, TN 37204) on Sept. 6, 20 and Oct. 4, 18. Reservations are required.

Call 615-200-6896 or email [email protected]  to schedule an appointment.

Since 2013, there have been more than 10,000 examples of members of the music community from coast-to-coast who have received free assistance from Music Health Alliance. The 9-person team has saved more than $47 Million in healthcare costs, including insurance premium savings, medical bill reductions and discounted medications, in six years.

As advocates, Music Health Alliance fights so those in our industry never have to feel alone in a health crisis. Thanks to Music Health Alliance, members of the music community across the country have gained access to lifesaving cancer treatment, transplants, medications to treat Parkinson’s, end of life care and many other crucial services. Its services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for two or more years, or who has credited contributions to 4 commercially-released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life.

To learn more about Music Health Alliance’s free services and how you can contribute to “Heal The Music,” contact MHA at 615-200-6896 or email [email protected] and learn more at MusicHealthAlliance.com.