ASCAP Launches 'Sound Advice' On Demand

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The ASCAP Experience community came together to watch three unique groups share their music biz wisdom and visions for the future of music. Take some time to get inspired by these sessions, on demand. Here are some highlights and lessons you’ll learn:

What Every Film/TV Composer Needs to Know About the Business

  • The difference between composer and songwriter revenue streams
  • Tips for negotiating a composer contract 
  • The value of educating yourself and building a trustworthy team 

Sync Secrets: Insider Tips on Getting Your Music Placed

  • How to build connections with music supervisors
  • The importance of getting outside of your comfort zone when you’re writing for screen
  • Why a 30% success rate in placing your music is something to be proud of

Algorithm Nation: Four Tech Tools Pointing to Music’s Future

We showcased four incredible, prototype music technologies:

  • A mobile app that enables you to create songs with the assistance of AI
  • An online platform that lets music fans and creators interact in a blended live/virtual event experience 
  • An app that inserts spatial audio and augmented reality visuals into real world locations
  • An emerging technology that enables users to create music simply by thinking about it

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