Bobby Borg Consulting: Producer Mistakes Musicians Make

Music Connection has partnered with Bobby Borg to promote his YouTube video series, Bobby Borg Consulting – "Borg's Blog Weekly," a series of video tips for music business professionals. To read more from Bobby Borg, visit our Feature: 38 Ways to Monetize One Song.

Watch his latest video "Producer Mistakes Musicians Make" below.

Bobby Borg is a former major label, indie, and DIY recording and touring musician (with the rock groups Beggars & Thieves, Left For Dead, and Warrant), the author of several music business books (Music Marketing For The DIY Musician, Business Basics For Musicians and Introduction to Music Publishing For Musicians, and a professor of music industry studies (at USC Thornton School of Music). Bobby Borg holds several degrees in music, marketing, and communications from Berklee College of Music, UCLA and USC.

Borg is available for one-to-one consultations via bobbyborg.com