Lennon Stella

Signing Story: Lennon Stella

For six years, Canadian Lennon Stella has graced television screens playing aspiring singer Maddie Conrad on CMT’s hit series Nashville.

In real life, Stella and her younger sister Maisy, who also stars on the show as her little sister Daphne, turned heads back in 2012 when they made a viral YouTube cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.” It wasn't long before Lennon & Maisy were performing on shows like Good Morning America.

Now an 18-year-old, the pop singer-songwriter is ready to branch out on her own with RECORDS, the new joint venture from Columbia Records in the Sony Music family.

“It’s so hard to find one [record deal] that’s so right,” Stella says. “Jenna Andrews, who is now doing my A&R, came down to write with me as a writer and we just hit it off. Through her I met her fiancé Ron Perry, head of RECORDS who is now the head of Columbia, and it was just a great fit.”

It was the company’s tight-knit size, which houses acts like Noah Cyrus and St. Paul, that ultimately won Stella over. “RECORDS itself is super independent and personable. Literally, the head of the label is the person I’m texting. You don’t need to go through a million people. They really understand who I am as a person and artist.”

For Lennon, making music just for Nashville wasn’t enough. The show wasn’t helping to develop her own artistic style since she wasn’t involved in the production of the songs. “I’ve been making music for six years on the show,” she continues. “It’s been a little weird because the music I make on the show is very different than the music I make as an artist. If you search ‘Lennon Stella,’ songs will come up on iTunes as me but it’s not me, it’s my character. I have no say in the songs.”

Making music that is truly her own creation is a new pursuit the songstress is eager to start. “The connection I have for the songs and everything I’ve done is a completely different [experience]. I feel so proud of them, a total connection to them,” Stella says. “I can’t wait to fully get in, sit with the producers and make the album because I think at that point it’s just going to be the most freedom.”

Date Signed: November 2017
Label: RECORDS/Columbia Records
Type of Music: Pop
Management: Genevieve Thompson, [email protected]
Booking: CAA
Legal: Peter Lewit, Joel McKuin
Publicity: [email protected]
Web: lennonstella.com
A&R: Jenna Andrews