QSC Offers Latest TouchMix Session

QSC's latest TouchMix Session features Emily Afton performing her song, "Lonestar," at Sweetspot Studios in Los Angeles. The song was recorded live using the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer by Blowhole Productions. The TouchMix-30 Pro was used as both an audio interface for Pro Tools for multi-track recording and provided monitor mixes for Emily and drummer Patrick Aguirre.

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This was a single take performance with no overdubs or punch-ins. It was multi-track recorded directly into Pro Tools then mixed at a later time by Patrick Aguirre. Two cameras were used to capture video. The video was edited using Adobe Premiere by Blowhole Productions.

Audio recording input list: (1) kick (2) snare top (3) snare bottom (4) floor tom (5/6) drum overhead right/left (7/8) SPDS drum module (9/10) sequencer/synth (11) vocal

Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from the session:
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It just doesn’t get any easier to capture a live, multi-track performance. TouchMix mixers are capable of recording all inputs plus a stereo mix directly to an external USB drive – no computer required. Tracks are created in 32-bit Broadcast Wave format and can be played back and mixed down on the mixer or imported into Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for over-dubs and post production. Check out our series of training videos to start recording today.

TouchMix Training Series
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