Top Dawg Entertainment Signs Ray Vaughn

Top Dawg Entertainment has announced the latest addition to the roster: Long Beach artist, Ray Vaughn.


Hailing from a city that breeds rap legends is fitting for the talented MC, who's ready to embrace the challenge of running with the Top Dawgs. He makes that clear with a new three-track EP titled "Peer Pressure."


His charisma, versatility and skills with wordplay are on instant display from the moment "Not Allowed" starts to the end of "Tap."


The project is meant to serve as an appetizer for the full feast ahead, introducing the latest TDE emcee to the masses via his penmanship and flavor. Signed back in 2020, he fit right in, patiently committing himself to mastering his craft. With his TDE status now announced, Ray’s excited to let the music speak for itself.


“I’d love to tell you how I created the project, but to tell you the truth, to revisit the place of brutal honesty these songs came from is a chaotic process,” he admits, “Don’t take me too seriously, honestly, just learn to have fun.”



Ray Vaughn’s unconventional path through life and music is sure to inspire many. The 25 year old Long Beach, CA native was born the third oldest out of seven in the chaos of an unpredictable household. He first began to attract media attention and popularity with “Freestyle Fridays”, a video series Ray initially created to entertain his friends and family. His relatable messages and unique lyricism quickly attracted a larger audience, racking up over 9 million streams on YouTube alone. Since his online breakthrough, Ray has written for and collaborated with several major artists as well as recently creating the theme song for upcoming animated series “The Freak Brothers” starring Woody Harrelson. With his solo debut EP here, Ray Vaughn is guaranteed to have a career you’ll want to start following now.